Sunday, June 10, 2012

How it All Began...

Hi Everybody!    

     This summer, I have decided to transport my amazing cooking experiences from The Sneaky Chef series by Missy Lapine into your lives, and share my audacious adventures through the cookbooks. It was about three years ago that I discovered the first book, The Sneaky Chef, in my mom's kitchen cabinet. All cookbooks are unique and intriguing because they involve crafting a masterpiece that someone has tested and created for themselves. However, this cookbook is no ordinary cookbook. It immediately strikes a ten year old's interest to see printed on the front cover a chef holding a carrot behind her back. I had to find out what this chef was up to. Upon reading the cookbook I discovered that Mrs. Lapine had come up with a fascinating way to "sneak" fruits and vegetables into her children's lives. She would puree the produce and simply mix in the puree into whatever dish she was preparing in an amazingly sneaky manner. Spinach was sneaked into the chocolate brownies. The broccoli laced meatloaf amazed me. The nutrient packed cauliflower macaroni and cheese baffled my mind. I couldn't wait to try these recipes on my family. My siblings think they are getting a guilty pleasure, but I know they are not. Some of the recipes are so magnificent that I have a difficult time believing that the sweet potatoes just didn't evaporate into the spaghetti sauce, or that the blueberries just didn't magically walk right out of the cookies. But I have made enough of the recipes to know that it works, and the awesome nutritional plan was real. As the summer continues to progress I will be making more of the recipes and giving you my reviews on them, and maybe even a tip or two I picked up upon making the recipe. The recipes I will post have been tried and tested on my little siblings and family and are sure to fool your family as they did mine. Not only are they foolproof, they are simply delicious.

It seems nearly impossible that the recipes created by Mrs. Lapine can possibly have health benefits to them as they are so luscious and lovely. No one in my family ever stops to think twice as they gobble down their healthy popsicles or feast upon that chicken Parmesan. As you read through my posts please keep in mind that all the recipes I have made were first discovered by Missy Lapine and all credit goes to her. Check out her website:

Thank you and Enjoy-
Grace Gilbert

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